Author: Steven

WTF Fun Fact 13541 – The Grave of Caroline Cutter

The gravestone of Caroline Cutter in Elm Street Cemetery of Milford really stands out. Unlike the typical remembrances, her gravestone points fingers. This white rectangular slab contains not sentiments of loss, but a bold message penned by her husband, Dr. Calvin Cutter. Was Caroline Cutter Murdered? Instead of words of love or sorrow, the stone […]

WTF Fun Fact 13543 – KFC Slogan Lost in Translation

KFC prides itself on its famous slogan, “It’s finger-lickin’ good.” The line captures the essence of KFC’s promise: irresistibly tasty chicken that might compel diners to lick their fingers, savoring every drop of flavor. Well, that didn’t exactly translate well when KFC expanded into China in the 1980s. A Finger-Lickin’ Faux Pas Successfully entering a […]